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EndNote: Manually creating a reference

How to use EndNote software to save, manage, and print citation information within your papers.

Adding References

The fastest easiest way to create a reference withing EndNote is to import a reference with all it's metadata, links etc from a database or publication. That said, this is not always possible. Below is how to create a reference within your EndNote Library

Manually creating a reference within EndNote

  1. In the top EndNote taskbar click on Reference
  2. Select New Reference
  3. In the middle of the top banner you will see a Reference Type button. Click on this and select the type of digital object for which you are creating this reference from the dropdown menu (e.g. journal article, book section, conference proceeding, dataset, etc.). Each reference type corresponds to a unique reference "metadata menu" so it is critical that you choose the right reference type. Otherwise your reference will be a list of metadata fields for a journal article when you are trying to create a reference for a conference proceeding.

    4.You can now populate fields in your new reference with metadata, links, attach digital objects etc.

   5. Hit Ctrl + W or the red X in the right corner to close and save your new reference

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