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EndNote: EndNote Document Templates

How to use EndNote software to save, manage, and print citation information within your papers.


Many predefined Microsoft Word manuscript templates are supplied with EndNote to ease electronic submissions to publishers. EndNote provides them as guides to make your writing process easier, but they are not required in order to use Cite While You Write. Plus, you can use a manuscript template even when you do not plan to use Cite While You Write on that particular document.

When you use one of these templates to start your paper, many formatting issues are already set up for your target publication, such as proper margins, headings, pagination, line spacing, title page, abstract page and other formatting elements.

Selecting and applying EndNote Templates

From Within  an EndNote library:

  • Start EndNote.
  • From the Tools menu, select Manuscript Templates.
  • In the templates box select and open the template named for a particular editorial style guide or the publisher to which you intend to submit your manuscript.

This opens a new document in Microsoft Word that is based on the template file, and starts a manuscript template wizard to help you set up your paper.

Note: The first time you launch the manuscript template wizard, you may receive a notice about macros. Accept macros to continue with the wizard.  If you do not see a Template Wizard window appear in front of the document click on the Enable Macro's button at the top tab of the document to bring up the Templat Wizard window

  • Enter the information requested by the template wizard.As you enter information, the wizard places it in all of the appropriate places in the document. The windows that appear, and the information requested, varies depending upon the publisher.
  • To complete the wizard:
  • Click Next to continue providing information. If you do not know how to respond to an information request, simply click Next to continue with the wizard. You can later enter the appropriate information in the designated, bracketed fields in Word.
  • On the final template wizard window, click Finish to close the wizard and start writing!

Note: You can click Finish at any time to bypass the wizard and start working in the document. You will need to manually enter information that would have been inserted by the wizard. Clicking Cancel will stop the creation of a new document.

The resulting Word document already contains the information you provided to the wizard.

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