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EndNote: Creating Groups

How to use EndNote software to save, manage, and print citation information within your papers.


Groups are an excellent way of organizing references within your library.

NOTE: The references in a group are copies of the references in your library. The copies are linked to the library references so that when you make a change in the library reference the group reference changes also.

Creating groups

1.   Highlight the references in your library you want to copy into a group.

To select multiple references in Windows hold down the mouse key and scroll over groups of references or click on individual references

To select multiple references in MAC hold down the Command key while you click on references

2    Right click on the highlighted references

3    select Add references to  

4    select Create Custom Group

5 Your new group with the highlighted references will appear in the left column.  Name the new group and hit Enter

You can also use the Groups menu in the top taskbar. I'll show you this for MAC OS

1    click on the library you want to add groups to

2    highlight the refrences you want to add to a group (command and click)

3    In the top tackbar click on  Groups

4   Highlight Add References to

5    Click on Create Custom Group

6     Your new group with the highlighted references will appear in the left column under My Groups. Name the group and left click to save

NOTE: you may need to click on  All references or other group to make the references in your new group visible.

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