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EndNote: EndNote Web

How to use EndNote software to save, manage, and print citation information within your papers.

Creating an EndNote Web account

Setting up an EndNote Web account.

For New EndNote Installations:

You must create an account in you EndNote Desktop before you create an EndNote Web account

Under Edit choose Preferences

In Preferences window choose EndNote Web

Click on Download EndNote Plug-in

Then click on Register Online. Fill out each field to register. The process is straightforward.

Once you have created your EndNote Web account in your desktop You can set up your EndNote Web account:

Go to the EndNote Sign In and Registration Window.

Click on the Sign Up link and add the User Name and Password you created in your Desktop EndNote program.

Click on the SignUp link and fill out each field to create the web account.

As long as the Library maintains it's subscription to the Web of Science database access to EndNote Web will be free for the CSHL community.

EndNote Web Introduction

Once you have set up your EndNote Web account, you and others can easily transfer references between your EndNote web libraries and desktop libraries. When transferring references you are actually copying them not moving them.

EndNote Web provides a full range of bibliographic management on the Web. You can import and edit references, cite the references in papers, create bibliographies and use the Cite While Your Write feature. EndNote Web can also search Web of Knowledge, PubMed, and other databases just like desktop EndNote libraries.

EndNote Web Basics

Importing references between an EndNote desktop library and an EndNote Web library

If you have not registered your EndNote Web email and password with your EndNote desktop application use the left panel on this page to register.

  • Open an EndNote Desktop library.
  • Open the EndNote web sign-in page and sigh in to your EndNote Web Account
  • To transfer selected references,
    • highlight the references in your desktop library or EndNote Web library you want to transfer.
    • Click on References in the EndNote top task bar
    • Click on Show Selected References
    • Follow the steps below
  • To transfer references
  • From the menu in the EndNote desktop top Toolbar, select .Tools  and then EndNote Web
  • In the dropdown menu under Web select the account or group in your EndNote Web account you want to transfer reference in or out of.
  • In the dialog box click Transfer References from Web to Desktop or Transfer references from Desktop to Web. You can click on Showing Reference(s) for highlighted references in your desktop account or All references in a library or group.
  • Click Transfer

If you selected Show Selected References and you want to get back to showing all the references in your library,Click on References in the top taskbar and then Show All References from the dropdown menu

To transfer individual references between desktop and web based libraries you must first set up a Group in either library (or both) and transfer your references from libraries to groups (using the above steps) or from group to group. You can set up as many groups as you need. This is an all-around great way of organizing individual references from your library into different "sub-libraries" based on subject or author etc even if you do not need to transfer them to EndNote Web. When you move a reference into a group a copy remains in the main library.

To set up a group in the desktop library.

  • On the left tab of the library right click on My Groups
  • From the dropdown menu click on Create Groups
  • Lable the group. Note: you can always relable the group from the previous dropdown menu.
  • Repeat these steps for as many groups as you need.

Once you have created you group(s) it's time to copy references from your main library into a group.

  • Back in the main library highlight the references you want to transfer into a group. You can use the mouse and control key to select multiple references.
  • Click on Groups in the top toolbar
  • Mouse over Add References To
  • From the drop down menu below My Groups select the group you want to copy the reference(s) into.
  • EndNote will copy the references. Note: Endnote will automatically detect duplicates which will not be copied into a group

You can then open up EndNote Web as described above to transfer references in a group up to your EndNote Web account

  • Select Transfer References from Desktop to Web
  • Select All References in a group
  • From the dropdown menu select the EndNote desktop group you want to transfer.
  • Click OK

To set up groups in an EndNote Web library.

  • Sign in to EndNote Web
  • In EndNote Web click on the tab.Manage My Groups
  • Click on the New Group button at the bottom of the tan window.
  • Enter the name of the new group and click on OK
  • The group will appear under My Groups in the Tan Window. Note that you can rename, manage sharing or delete groups from this row.

To move references from an EndNote Web group into an EndNote desktop library or group.

  • Open the desktop EndNote library you want to transfer references into.
  • If you have not registered your EndNote Web email and password with your EndNote desktop application you need to do this first
    • In the desktop library click on in the top tool bar. Click on . Then click on .EditPreferencesEndNote Web
    • Enter your EndNote Web email and password and click .OK
  • Click on in the top taskbar. Tools
  • Click on .EndNote Web
  • The default setting is Transfer from Web to Desktop.
  • Click on the dropdown menu to the right of the lableWeb
  • Select the Library or group you want to transfer references into from the dropdown menu.
  • Click OK. The copied EndNote web group and references will appear under the EndNote Web tab to the left of your EndNote desktop library. You can then transfer references from this group into the open library by right clicking on the group and selecting Transfer to Desktop

       Note: by clicking on reference(s) in any group or library, selecting Copy To and selecting a group or library, transfer references to any other  group or library on your desktop

To edit a reference:

  1. Click the reference's Title link from any list view.
  2. Click in the field you wish to edit.
  3. To save the edit, click or tab outside that field. You can revert your change by clicking the Revert Reference button.
  4. Repeat for each field you would like to edit.
  5. To save or edit the reference's group associations, update the checkboxes next to the existing groups or add a new one.

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