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EndNote: Adding References from ScienceDirect database

How to use EndNote software to save, manage, and print citation information within your papers.

Adding References

No database indexes every publication.  We strongly suggest that you search every database in this section of the LibGuide to compile the most complete EndNote libraries. This page contains directions on how to upload ScienceDirect references into your EndNote libraries.

NOTE: to set up alerts please check out my Creating Publication Alerts LibGuide.

Importing from ScienceDirect database into EndNote

In Microsoft Windows OS

1.   Open the EndNote Library into which you want to import references (e.g. Wigler Publications).
2.    Access ScienceDirect database from the Library web site
3.    Perform a search
       Enter your search terms and click Search

4.    Choosing references

  • To export individual references click on the references you want to export and click export citations
  • To export all the retrieved references do not click on any references, just click export citations


 5.    In the Export Window

  • Click on Citations and Abstracts to export all the available metadata
  • Click on Ris format (for Reference Manager, ProCite, EndNote)
  • Click on Export

6    In the Output page choose RIS format and Complete format from the dropdown windows then click Export

7    In the Opening Science Window

  • the default should be Open with ResearchSoft Direct export helper
  • Click OK

Your EndNote library should now be populated with your ScienceDirect references

NOTE:  If you are importing a lot of references it may take a few minutes.

In MAC OS: and FireFox browser

In the Firefox browser do steps 1 - 3 above.

  • Click on the EndNote library or group you want to import your files into
  • Click on File in the top taskbar
  • Click on import
  • Import options should be Web of Science
  • Select the text file you just created
  • Select import

Eliminating duplicates from your library;

  • Click on References in the top tab
  • Click on Find Duplicates
  • Review and select which one of each duplicate you want to eliminate

Removing references from your library;

  • highlight the references you want to eliminate
  • Click on References in the top tab
  • Click on Move References to Trash

To move references from trash back into your library

  • Click on  the reference(s) in the trash group you want to restore
  • Click on References in the top tab
  • Click on Restore to Library

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