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EndNote: Cite While You Write

How to use EndNote software to save, manage, and print citation information within your papers.


Use Cite While You Write™ (CWYW) with Microsoft® Word to easily and quickly cite references and create a paper with properly formatted citations and a bibliography for your paper. Cite While You Write gives you access to EndNote references and formatting commands either within an EndNote library or within a word document using the EndNote tab on the Word taskbar.

Basic Cite While You Write

You can start by basing your paper on a predefined Manuscript Template. Click on the EndNote Documents Templates tab above for directions on how to select templates formatted to publishing styles for over 1000 publications.

Inserting Citations into a Word document from an EndNote library.

This is the easiest way to find and insert a citation into a Word document:

In Microsoft OS

  • Open the EndNote library containing the references you wish to cite.
  • highlight one of the references in the EndNote library (any reference, this is so that your word document will find the library)
  • Open a Word document
  • Position the cursor at the location where you would like the in-text citation.
  • From Word’s Tools menu, click on the EndNote X4 tab. (or the tab for whatever version of EndNote you have.
  • If there is no EndNote X4 tab
    • Click on Tools
    • Select EndNote X
  • Click on Insert Citation
  • Click on Find Citations
  • Add a search term, e.g. author(s) name.
  • Click on the Citation you want to insert
  • Click on Insert


  • Open the EndNote library containing the references you wan to cite in your document
  • Open a blank Word document
  • Click on Tools in the top taskbar, Select EndNote X4
  • Click on Find Citations
  • Enter a search term such an an athor(s) name in your citation and hit Return
  • Select the citation and click on Insert

To Change the style of a Citation within a Word Document

  • Open the word document with the citations
  • In the pane under the EndNote  tab select your style from the dropdown next the Styles
    • you can also select another style in the dropdown,
    • select the style you want and click on OK

For MAC OS and Microsoft without an EndNotes tab

  • If there is no EndNote X4 tab Click on Tools on the top taskbar and select EndNote
    • Select Format Bibliography
  • in the field next to Format With Output style choose the output style you want to format your citations and references
  • To choose another style
    •  Click on Browse
    • Select the style you want and click OK or Choose for MAC
    • Click OK
    • Your bibliography will be redone in that style

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Reference Downloads

To create your document in one of over 1000 different templates (e.g. Nature or Cell)  before you start writing and citing click on the EndNotes Document Templates tab to see how.