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Kopernio - A Browser Plugin to Retrieve PDFs More Easily: More Info

This LibGuide will explain how to install and use Kopernio on your web browser, and how it can make a researcher's life easier

What Kopernio Does and Doesn't Do

What Kopernio *WILL DO*

Search library subscriptions and open databases to quickly provide a link to an article pdf

Integrate with Web of Science, Google Scholar, and PubMed. It activates on other academic platforms, publisher sites, institutional repositories and preprint sites like arXiv. It only activates on sites that are on Kopernio's list of >20k whitelisted websites.

Finds the best PDF available by searching library entitlements, open access, preprints. 

Stores PDFs you've accessed in your locker.


What Kopernio *WILL NOT DO*

  • Keep your user credentials. Your details are stored locally, within the Kopernio plugin on your computer, not on Clarivate servers or in the cloud.
  • Store PDFs that you're entitled to access on their server.
  • Support Safari. At this time Kopernio supports Chrome and Firefox. To suggest additional browsers to Kopernio developers use this link
  • Retrieve any supplementary information or data associated with an article PDF
  • Provide a link to an illegal copy of a PDF. Kopernio only searches whitelisted sites.
  • Find ebooks and ebook chapters the CSHL Library has access to.  The Kopernio plugin is for PDFs of articles only.


The LibGuide Provided by:

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Sasha Luks-Morgan
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Library & Archives
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Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724