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Kopernio - A Browser Plugin to Retrieve PDFs More Easily: How to Use Kopernio

This LibGuide will explain how to install and use Kopernio on your web browser, and how it can make a researcher's life easier

How to Use Kopernio

Kopernio is incredibly easy to use.  Once it is install, whenever you search for a scientific article, if Kopernio finds a PDF you have access to, it will provide a green box labeled 'View PDF' in the search page.  When you visit a journal's page for a particular article, it will provide an icon on the lower left corner of the page showing access.

Kopernio Tips

PubMed integration

Use Pubmed as usual and let Kopernio help you find direct links to the PDF.

Google Scholar integration

Kopernio integrates seamlessly with Google Scholar to supercharge your literature searches.  Compare below, Google Scholar without Kopernio (first) to with (second)


Publisher integration

Kopernio provides links to the PDF right at the bottom of the journal page.  No dealing with inset frames, or navigating multiple download options.  Compare:

Reference manager export

Save references and full-text to your favorite reference manager. Kopernio can save .RIS files to your local computer which are compatible with EndNote, Mendeley and Zotero.

Web of Science integration

Kopernio gives you one-click access to full-text PDFs on Web of Science article pages.  See Web of Science citation counts right within the Kopernio extension. Just click on the Kopernio icon in the top right corner of your browser.

Quick search

Click on the Kopernio icon in the top right-hand corner of your browser to open the quick search box.

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