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Kopernio - A Browser Plugin to Retrieve PDFs More Easily: How To Install

This LibGuide will explain how to install and use Kopernio on your web browser, and how it can make a researcher's life easier

Installing Kopernio

This is a short guide to help you access journal articles via Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory library using Kopernio when you are on or off campus. To get started, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Install the Kopernio plugin for free by clicking on the button below.  Kopernio is currently available on the following browsers only: Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.  (Clarivate is working on making Kopernio available for users of Safari and other browsers in the near future.)
    Install Kopernio free button

  2. Select Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory from the list of universities, and create an account.
    Select CSHL in the pop-up window

  3. Kopernio is all set to go. Whether you are on-campus or off-campus, Kopernio will connect Kopernio to the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Library to access subscription journal articles. This will happen automatically when you try to access a paywalled journal article. Your details will be stored in your browser cookies so that you can be automatically authenticated in future.  

  4. Use Kopernio to access and download journal articles from every journal the CSHL Library subscribes to.

The LibGuide Provided by:

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