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Public Access Compliance: Are My Publications Compliant? How Can I Tell?

This LibGuide will walk users through issues of compliance with the NIH

How to Determine Compliance, In Brief

This section is being updated to reflect changes in the new NCBI website overhaul.  Please bear with us.


To determine your papers' compliance status, you need to look in the right place.  The rest of this page will walk you through that, but in brief, here are the steps:

  1. Log in to myNCBI via eRA Commons
  2. Find your papers in PubMed, and add them to your bibliography
  3. Set your myNCBI preferences to show grant affiliations for publications

Once you have followed these directions, all of your publications will display one of 5 possible statuses: Compliant (green), In process (yellow), Non Compliant (red), N/A (green), and a gray question mark indicating that no grant funding has been associated with the paper.

Logging in to myNCBI

First, go to the myNCBI sign-in page, at

Next, sign in by clicking on the eRA Commons button.  It is important that you do not sign in with your NIH Login, otherwise you will not be able to view the grant affiliations below.

If you do not see the button to log in with eRA Commons, then you will need to link your myNCBI Account with eRA Commons.  (You will only need to do this process once.)

In this case, log in with your NIH log in information.  Once logged in, click on your username in the upper right hand corner of the page.

This will take you to your Account settings.  Find the section called 'Linked Account,' and click on the Change button.

From here, you can select the account you wish to link to your myNCBI account.  in the search box labeled "Search for account name,' enter 'NIH' and press Enter.  Click on the link returned called 'NIH & eRA Commons.'

This will take you to the eRA Commons log in page.  Log in with your eRA Commons username and password, and your two accounts will be linked.  From here, you will be able to proceed.

Populating the 'My Bibliography' Section

Once logged in to myNCBI, you will see a section labeled, "My Bibliography."  You should populate this section will your publications, as well as any other pertinent papers you may need.  You can either search for your papers directly through PubMed, and export them to your My Bibliography, or follow the directions below to use myNCBI's search function and export from there.  The results are the same either way.  Directions for searching through myNCBI's search function are provided below:

Click on "Manage My Bibliography" on the right hand side, under 'My Bibliography"

In the blue box, click on the dark blue "Add Citation" button

In the next section, choose "Citation from PubMed" from the drop down menu, and click on the "Go to PubMed" button.  This will take you to the PubMed search page.  Search for your publications either by your author name or article title.  In the list of search results, click on the gray box to the left of each publication you wish to add.  You can select as many checkboxes at once as you wish.  Once you have selected all of your desired publications, click on the "Send to" link on the top right of the page.  In the drop down box that appears, choose "My Bibliography" as the destination, and then click on the "Add to my Bibliography" button.


There are multiple sections possible in your 'My Bibliography'.  Select the one you wish to populate.

Continue until you have populated the My Bibliography with all of the publications you need.

Show Grant Affiliations in My Bibliography

Finally, to be able to see whether or not your publications are compliant, you will need to allow myNCBI to show the grant affiliations.  You can do this in the Display Settings of the My Bibliography page.  In the drop down box that appears when you click Display Settings, select Award from the View column, and you can choose to sort the publications either by Compliance Status, date, title, or first author name.  The sort order can be changed as many times as you wish.  For our purposes, sorting by compliance status will help group together all publications that require further effort.


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