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Public Access Compliance: What About 'Non-Applicable' Publications?

This LibGuide will walk users through issues of compliance with the NIH

Compliance Doesn't Apply to Me. What Do I Do?

If your paper does not meet the criteria for Public Access Compliance, for example if it was not peer reviewed or supported by NIH money, you do not need to make your paper compliant. You still must complete a step reporting that your publication is not subject to Public Access Compliance regulations. 

For more detailed information about whether a publication is subject to the Public Access Compliance regulations please see the "Do I need to deal with this?" tab of this LibGuide. 

It is very simple to report that a publication is not subject to the public access policy. First find your publication and select "Edit Status"

From there a dialog will pop up giving you several options to explain why this publication is non-applicable. A very common reason is that the publication only underwent editorial review and was not peer reviewed. If you have questions about this, contact your editor at the journal and they should be able to provide guidance. 

Once you have selected a reason(s) why the paper is not subject to public access compliance regulations, select Save. From there you will be returned to your "my bibliography" page and you will see that the publication is now marked "non-applicable" and will be highlighted in grey. 

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