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Public Access Compliance: What About 'Non-Applicable' Publications?

This LibGuide will walk users through issues of compliance with the NIH


‚ÄčThis section is being updated to reflect changes in the new NCBI website overhaul.  Please bear with us.

Compliance Doesn't Apply to Me. What Do I Do?

If your paper was not supported by NIH funds, or if it was not peer-reviewed, then you do not need to deal with compliance, as mentioned in the "DoI Need to Deal With This?" tab.  However, unless you specifically tell that to the NCBI, your publication will still be considered non-compliant.

Thankfully, it is very simple to register your paper as Compliance Non-Applicable.  First, log in to myNCBI using your eRA Commons account, and ensure that your view settings are set to display grant affiliations.  For detailed instructions on how to do all of that, please see the tab labeled "Are My Publications Compliant?  How Can I Tell?" in this LibGuide, then return here.

Now, from within the "My Bibliography" section of the page, identify the paper that is not compliant.  In this case, the paper could have the red "Not Compliant" Dot, or it could have the gray question mark of unknown compliance.  

If it has the red dot, that means that you have already associated a grant with that paper, but have not submitted it into the NIHMS.  You can only claim that paper as Compliance Not-Applicable if it was either not peer reviewed, or if its publication predates April of 2008.  If so, then you may proceed.

If the paper has the gray question mark, then there is no grant associated with the paper, and you may proceed.

In your "My Bibliography" page, find the paper in question.  In the blue box under the paper, there will be a link labeled "Edit Status" as seen below.  When you click the link, a pop-up box will appear.

The box, as seen below, is fairly self explanatory.  Either select that the paper was not funded by the NIH, or the reason that compliance does not apply to the paper

Once you click the Save & Close button, your changes should be saved and the status should immediately reflect that, as seen below.

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