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An Overview of Our Changing System of Scholarly Communication

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General Description

This guide explains what is meant by the term "open access." It touches upon the definitions of open access adopted by key initiatives, such as the Budapest Open Access Initiative, the Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing, the Berlin Declaration on Open Access, Public Library of Science (PLoS), and Creative Commons.

It also provides a brief history of the open access movement, from the forerunner movements of open source and open courseware, to the public access mandates of NIH and HHMI and the Federal Research Public Access Act (FRPAA).

It explains how institutions in general are supporting open access, and what CSHL in particular is doing to support open access.

Lastly, it suggests how you as an individual can support open access, and where you can find more information about this topic.


While this guide pertains mostly to the topic of open access to research publications, the section "Emerging Trends Related to OA" briefly discusses open science/science 2.0, open data, open peer review, and open access textbooks.