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CSHL Institutional Repository: Introduction & Overview


The Repository



























Why do we have it?

  • To collect, manage, and preserve the intellectual output produced by CSHL
  • To provide annotation, metadata, topics, and subjects to items deposited in the Institutional Repository
  • To collect all the works produced by a CSHL scientist throughout their career


What do we collect?

  • Raw data, code, scripts, software, manuscripts, theses, presentations, posters, video, and audio files
  • Bibliographic information on all CSHL faculty, researchers, and graduate students


Why do we do it?

  • It provides an environment to deposit data related to works published by CSHL faculty, researchers, and graduate students
  • It provides a long term, stable location for the storage of data related to published papers
  • It allows for the archiving of School of Biological Sciences theses and to make them full-text accessible
  • It provides CSHL authors with a mechanism to comply with requirements for data management mandated by NSF and NIH
  • It allows for CSHL faculty to provide additional information to published papers
  • It allows for open access to enhance the sharing of data from CSHL produced research


Who are our users?

  • CSHL faculty, researchers, and graduate students
  • Outside faculty, researchers, and graduate students
  • The public

Do I Need an Account?

All information within the IR is available without a user account. User accounts are generally reserved for people involved in adding and maintaining records within the repository. Scientific administrators, or persons typically assigned to maintain a laboratory's publications/data typically have an account and training. It you need records added or updated, contacting Katie McGuire is typically the easiest and faster way to get materials in the repository.