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Academic Tree: Adding Scientists - Yourself or Others

Adding People to the Tree

Once you have logged in, the bar of links along the top of the webpage includes a search box. 

Top bar of Links from Academic Tree

To edit the information at the tree node for yourself, or create a tree node, begin typing your name in the search box.  A dropdown menu of potential name matches will appear beneath the box.

 If a node has been created for you already, either by you or someone else, your name should appear here, along with your affiliation.  If the affiliation reflects a previous institution, that is fine.  You do not need to create another node.

If your name appears, select it from the drop-down menu. 

If your name does not appear, finish typing your name and hit return.  A new screen will appear listing all close matches.  If someone has created a node for you with a different spelling (a typo or a different middle initial) it will appear here. 

If there are no close matches, no names will be listed.  In either case, at the bottom of the list there will be a box labeled "Add person".

Clicking on the "add person" box will bring you to a new page, where you can add as much information as you have for that person.

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