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Academic Tree: Academic Family Trees: An Introduction

What Is Academic Tree?

Academic Tree is an umbrella website for creating scientific "family" trees, phylogenies of scientists.  While there are numerous different <FIELD>-TREEs, each is just a branch of the greater single tree, and all are interconnected.

Academic Tree Logo

They are a useful resource for understanding the working relationships of other scientists, as well as connecting with researchers with whom you may have shared a mentor, without overlapping in their lab temporally. 

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Anyone can create a profile for any scientist.  Once a profile (called a 'node') is created, any user can add interpersonal connections (such as collaborators, mentors, and trainees) to that node.  However, once a node is created, the biographical data, website information, and Google search terms can only be edited by contacting the administrator at to report errors.   Additionally, users can edit any information they have entered, but are not permitted to edit information added by other users, or see who contributed that information.  Therefore, it is advantageous to create your own node before someone else creates one for you.  That way, you can be sure that the correct biographical information is included, and to a level that you prefer.

Academic Tree Tutorial

One of the sub disciplines within the broader tree, Communication Science and Disorders, has created a thorough and very intuitive tutorial for creating your own account, and populating the tree.  Take advantage of this LibGuide for a tutorial, or visit theirs - which includes a YouTube video demonstration.

CSD Tutorial:

Adding a Person

Additionally, please scroll down to find the video tutorial embedded below.