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Sciwheel: Importing your library from another reference manager

A web based reference manager

Importing from Zotero

This is a guide to importing your library from Zotero. For other reference managers, consult the Sciwheel website. It was very easy to transfer references from Zotero, and I imagine other reference managers will be simple as well. If you encounter any problems, please contact us at the library and we would be happy to assist. 

Importing from Zotero

1) Get started by selecting the "Yes, Let's Do It" Button

2)Select "From other reference managers"

3) Choose the reference manager you have been using. In this case we will select Zotero.

4) Login to your Zotero account to allow the Sciwheel API to access your Zotero library.

5) Select which folders of references you would like to transfer, as well as if you would like to transfer your pdf attachments. 

6) Congratulations! You now just need to wait while your references are imported.