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Undergraduate Research Program (URP): Bioinformatics & Genomics @ CSHL


Bioinformatics and Genomics Researchers at CSHL

Gurinder Atwal - Population genetics; bioinformatics; cancer; stochastic processes; statistical mechanics and information theory

Jesse Gillis - Gene networks; gene function prediction; guilt by association; neuropsychiatric; hub genes; multifunctionality; computational genomics

Thomas Gingeras - Genome-wide organization of transcription and the functional roles of non-protein coding RNAs

Christopher Hammell - Post-transcriptional gene regulation; control of animal developmental timing; RNA biology

Molly Hammell - bioinformatics, integrated genomic analysis, small RNAs, gene regulatory networks

Gregory Hannon -  Growth control in mammalian cells; post-transcriptional gene silencing

Ivan Iossifov - Computational biology; molecular networks; human genetics; human disease; applied statistical and machine learning; biomedical text-mining; molecular evolution

David Jackson - Plant development; stem cell signaling; genomics and imaging

Alexander Krasnitz - Genomics of cancer; machine learning for biology;inference from noisy biological data; large-scale numerical computing

Dan Levy - Human genetics; mathematical modeling; algorithm development

Zachary Lippman - Plant development, genetics; molecular mechanisms of phase transitions for flowering time and inflorescence branching; heterosis

Gholson Lyon - Human genetics, neuropsychiatric diseases, whole genome sequencing, ethics

Rob Martienssen - Epigenetics; DNA methylation; chromatin and chromosome biology; transposable elements; RNA interference; stem cells; germline specification; plant genomics; plant evolution; aquatic plants

W. Richard McCombie - Genomics of psychiatric disorders; genomics of cancer; computational genomics; plant genomics

Scott Powers - Cancer genome; molecular targets and therapeutics; functional genomics; cancer biology

Michael Schatz  - Genomics; Genome Assembly & Validation; Sequence Alignment; High Performance and Multicore Computing; Parallel Algorithms; Cloud Computing

Marja Timmermans - Plant development; epigenetic regulation of stem cell fate; pattern formation via small RNAs

Doreen Ware - Computational biology; comparative genomics; genome evolution; diversity; gene regulation; plant biology

Michael Wigler - Human genetic disorders; population genetics; cancer genomics

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