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Undergraduate Research Program (URP): Neuroscience @ CSHL


Neuroscience Researchers at CSHL

Dinu Florin Albeanu - Neuronal circuits; sensory coding and synaptic plasticity; neuronal correlates of behavior; olfactory processing

Anne Churchland
- Decision-making; electrophysiology; sensory processing; vision; audition; neural computation; modeling; behavior

Joshua Dubnau - Learning, memory, genetics, behavior

Grigori Enikolopov - Stem cells; neurogenesis; development; signal transduction

Hiro Furukawa - Membrane proteins, X-ray crystallography, electrophysiology, neurodegenerative disease

Z. Josh Huang - experience-dependent development of the neocortex; mouse genetics; neurotrophins

Adam Kepecs - Decision-making; neural circuits; behavioral electrophysiology; theoretical neuroscience; neuroeconomics

Alexei Koulakov - Theoretical neurobiology; quantitative principles of cortical design; computer science; applied mathematics

Bo Li - Neuroscience; glutamatergic synapse; synaptic plasticity; schizophrenia; depression; rodent models of psychiatric disorders

Partha P. Mitra - Neuroinformatics; theoretical engineering; animal communications; neural prostheses; brain imaging; developmental linguistics

Pavel Osten - Neurobiology of autism and schizophrenia; gene expression-based mapping of brain activity; anatomical mapping of brain connectivity; high throughput microscopy

Stephen Shea - Olfaction; audition; communication behaviors; in vivo electrophysiology; individual recognition

Glenn Turner - Neural coding; learning and memory; sensory processing; Drosophila; electrophysiology

Linda Van Aelst - Signal transduction; Ras & Rho proteins; tumorigenesis; neuronal development

Anthony Zador - Cortical mechanisms of auditory attention; autism

Yi Zhong - Neurophysiology; Drosophila; learning and memory; neurofibromatosis; signal transduction

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