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Bibliometrics - Impact Factor, H-index, and More: How to determine the Impact Factor of a Journal

Provides links to resources for bibliometric analysis, including journal ranking indices, such as impact factor, and author impact measures, such as h-index.

Find Journal Impact Factor

How To Find a Journal's Impact Factor

  1. Go to the CSHL main page.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom find the CSHL Library website.
  3. From there you can click on Resources.
  4. Then click on Databases & Protocols.
  5. Then chose Web of Science.
  6. On the top right corner there is a button called Products.  If you click on that a drop down menu appears.  Click on Journal Citation Reports.
  7. You can either type in the journal you are looking for or click on Journals to see a list.
  8. Type the name of the journal to get its metrics.  Scroll down to see its Impact Factor.

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