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Conflict of Interest (COI): Home

A guide to financial conflicts of interest and how to properly report them in the course of scientific publishing

Conflict of Interest at CSHL

Conflict of Interest in Research (“COIR”) means a significant financial interest that could directly, and significantly, affect the design, conduct, or reporting of Research, as determined by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. 

This could involve situations in which an employee has a relationship with an outside organization or has an opportunity that influences their personal gain (directly or indirectly) as well as adversely impacts CSHL in some way shape or form.


There are numerous situations where a conflict of interest could arise and impact your vested interest in being a CSHL employee, but this guide will specifically focus on research transparency involving scientific publications. For more detailed explanations, please see below.

  • For a more detailed guide of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's Policy on COIs, please see here.
  • Additionally, the Office of Technology Transfer and Office of Sponsored Programs (Julie Sutherland, MBAF, Compliance Coordinator, Email:, Phone: 516-367-8883) can provide specialized assistance in dealing with COI depending on the circumstance. Please see here for an additional helpful guide specifically to the CSHL commercial relations policy.


In terms of scientific publishing, many journals require a conflict/declaration of interest statement to address if there is a potential situation where the authors may have personal or financial gain with the indicated publication. These typically consist of consultation fees, being an advisor for a commercial company, involvement in associated stocks/shares with a specific company, and involvement with associated patents/commercial technological advances and related royalties.

Example: Dr. Adrian Gomez (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) has received financial support from his involvement with (Insert name of company / organization) for service as a consultant.

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