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Online Learning - Biological Sciences and Beyond: Overview of Online Learning

This guide highlights sources of web-based, video, and audio courses in biological sciences and many other subjects areas. It also provides links to tools for online learning, such as course and e-book building software and web-based collaboration tools.


Sakai Overview - Michael Korcuska

A Wide World of Opportunity

Opportunities abound to learn about the biological sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, technology, and virtually any other topic you are interested in. Opportunites also abound to create rich educational materials for use in your own teaching activites or to share with the world via the Internet. In this guide, we highlight a collection of sites where you will find numerous high-quality, interactive web-based courses, video lectures, podcasts, diagrams, online quizzes, and many other types of educational materials. We encourage you to explore these sites and to offer feedback on your experiences, including suggestions regarding other sites that we should include in this guide.

The library is here to support you in your online learning efforts. For those who may not have access to a computer in their work area, the library offers several computers that are connected to the Internet.

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