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Tablet app for browsing, reading, and monitoring scholarly journals

What is BrowZine?

BrowZine enables you to easily browse, read, organize and keep up-to-date with scientific journals. By providing a simple, uniform index of articles, BrowZine eliminates the differences in the many publishers journal websites. BrowZine is available on your desktop web browser, or your mobile devices (both Apple and Android devices are supported).

Using an intuitive bookshelf metaphor, you are able to keep your must-read journals at your fingertips, even when away from the laboratory.

Tips for getting the most value from BrowZine.

  • Keep a wide browser window. This enables you to see the list of Issues/Dates to browse.
  • Much of the functionality (Bookshelves, Saved Articles, cross device access, etc.) is available only if you login to BrowZine. Simply create an account.



Use BrowZine to easily find, read, and monitor thousands of scholarly journals available from CSHL library, or through Open Access publishers, covering all disciplines.

• Browse titles by subject to easily find journals of interest
• Easily view table of contents of current past journals
• Create a personal bookshelf of favorite journals
• Share with other researchers by posting to Facebook and Twitter

Please note that not all publications to which CSHL subscribes are available in the BrowZine application, and that back issues are only available from 2005-present.

Getting Started with BrowZine

BrowZine Apps Installation

The BrowZine app is available for both the Apple and Android devices.

Available at:


:   .


To access content from supported publications to which CSHL subscribes, you must sign in with your CSHL username and your ILLiad/secondary/EZProxy / phage password. Do not use your email (Windows) password.

To sign in:

  1. After downloading and opening the app for the first time, you will be asked to 'Choose a Library'.
  2. Scroll down to, or type into the search bar, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and select.
  3. Enter your CSHL ID and Secondary Password in the appropriate fields, and login. If you need to create or reset your secondary password follow the directions at: when you are on the campus network.

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