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Managing Grant-Funded Publications: Using My NCBI My Bibliography

Provides instructions for managing grant-funded publications. Includes: submitting to PubMed Central; managing publications in My Bibliography; using SciENcv; and how to associate a publication with a grant

My NCBI Overview

My Bibliography Overview

Registering with My NCBI

  • Go to the NCBI home page,
  • Click on the My NCBI link in the upper right
  • Click Register for an account, on the left
  • Enter a username (3 or more letters or numbers) and password (6 or more characters) of your choosing. Note: Passwords are case-sensitive.
  • Choose a security question and answer (to be used if you ever need to reset your password)
  • Type in the 5 characters as indicated below the security question (to prevent robots from registering)
  • Enter an email address and confirm the email address, then click Register
  • You will receive a confirmation email from NCBI

Signing into a My NCBI Account

  • Go to the My NCBI home page,
  • To sign in using your My NCBI username and password, use the sign in box on the lower left
  • To sign in via a partner organization, such as NIH (eRA Commons), use the sign in box on the upper left

Linking a My NCBI Account to an eRA Commons Account

It is necessary to link your eRA Commons account with your My NCBI account to get access to the Public Access Policy compliance status of each article in your bibliography

  • Once logged into your My NCBI account click on your username on the top right of the screen








  • This will take you to your Account settings page where you can link your My NCBI account to your eRA Commons account. Find Linked Account and click on Change











  • This will take you to the Linked Accounts page where you can select the account you wish to link with your My NCBI account. In the Search for account name box type NIH and press Enter. Click on the link that is returned by this search

















  • This will take you to the Login page for eRA Commons to link it to your My NCBI account. Use the same username and password combination that you use to log into eRA Commons


















  • Your accounts are now linked together

Adding New Publications to My NCBI My Bibliography

  • On the left, under My Bibliography, click Manage My Bibliography












  • Click Add citation








  • Choose the type of citation from the drop-down list. In many cases, you will choose Citation from PubMed. Click Go to PubMed













  • Search for the publications in PubMed (e.g., search by article title or author name). Click the checkbox next to the citation you wish to add. Note: Multiple citations can be added at one time by clicking multiple checkboxes. If you want to add all the citations from search do not click any boxes. Click Send to: in the upper right, Choose My Bibliography, Click Add to My Bibliography










  • Choose a Bibliography to save to, Click Save
















  • To add a citation not from PubMed you need to select the appropriate option from the drop-down list.








  • Each option from the drop-down list leads to a different screen where the appropriate information can be added.







































































































Any citation added using any of these options from the drop-down list will be added directly to the myNCBI bibliography.


Displaying Award and Public Access Compliance Status

Once you have added all the appropriate citations to your My NCBI My Bibliography you can display the Grant Award and Public Access Compliance status of each citation

  • Click Display Settings, click Award and click Public Access Compliance, then click Apply










  • If citations are selected it is possible to do a number of actions, including the PDF report which generates a report of the Public Access Compliant articles








  • The PDF report can be generated specific to each PI based on name













Editing Public Access Compliance and Award Status

When the Public Access Compliance status of a citation is displayed there are 5 possible options

Green - Fully Compliant





Yellow - In Process to Compliance





Red - Non Compliant







Question Mark - Compliance status unknown






N/A - Compliance requirements do not apply to this citation






The citations with Compliance statuses of Red or Question Mark are the most important to attend to. Those marked Yellow need to be monitored to ensure that they become Green and hence fully compliant.

To edit the Public Access Compliance status click the Edit Status link and select Yes if the NIH supported this citation, in whole or in part. This will expand out the window to give you more options (discussed next). Select No if the NIH did not support this citation, in whole or in part, and then Save and Close.








If you selected Yes the window will expand, giving you options regarding how to submit the manuscript to the NIH Manuscript Service (NIHMS) to enable the manuscript to finally be deposited into PubMed Central (PMC). If you know a fellow author has already submitted the manuscript you can add the NIHMS number, if you have arranged with the Publisher to deposit the manuscript to PMC you can select that option, or if the citation does not have to comply with the Public Access policy you can select that option. If however you know the manuscript needs to submitted by the author select Begin Submission in the NIHMS.























Selecting Begin Submission in the NIHMS will bring you to the log in screen for the NIHMS, choose either to log in via eRA Commons or My NCBI













This will bring you to the NIHMS main page where you can start the Manuscript submission.












Further Resources

See the Further Resources page for links to user guides, help desks, and other sources of help with My NCBI My Bibliography.