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Managing Grant-Funded Publications: Using the NIHMS System

Provides instructions for managing grant-funded publications. Includes: submitting to PubMed Central; managing publications in My Bibliography; using SciENcv; and how to associate a publication with a grant

Video: NIHMS: NIH Manuscript Submission System

NIHMS Submission Slide Shows

Illustrated instructions for using the NIHMS System

Note about Approvals

While the author or anyone given access to the author's files (scientific administrators, graduate students, librarians, etc.) may submit a manuscript to the NIHMS System, approval of the PDF Receipt and web version of the manuscript must be done by the PI or an author.

Submitting a Paper to PubMed Central (PMC) Using the NIHMS System

Go to the NIHMS System home page,

Choose login route NIH Researchers and use your eRA Commons login and password

From the main page you can

  1. Submit a new manuscript
  2. See the progress of a manuscript under submission
  3. Search for manuscripts under submission

if you wish to submit a new manuscript click Submit New Manscript to start the submission

The first step is to provide the title information for the paper you wish to submit. You can

  1. Manually enter the information by typing in the name of the journal and the manuscript title.
  2. Search in Pubmed via the title, author etc
  3. Locate the citation in your MyNCBI Bibliography.

Once you have finished entering/selecting journal and manuscript title, click Add Funding.

Search for and select the appropriate grant. You can search by first and last name and/or grant number.

Once you have found/selected the correct grant, add it to the list of support for the manuscript, Click Next: Upload Files

Upload the files as required, being sure to provide a label for each file uploaded. To add more figures, tables, supplemental text or figures click the appropriate + item button. Once you have completed uploading all the necessary files for the whole paper click Check Files

Once you have reviewed the automatically created PDF via the receipt file to confirm that all information has been included (note the supplementary material is not part of the generated PDF, click Set Reviewer & Embargo

Select either yourself or someone else as the reviewer. Generally the submitter is the reviewer. Set the embargo period according to the policies of the publishing journal, generally 12 months is the common embargo period. To determine the exact period refer to . Once you have selected the reviewer and the embargo period, click Approve.

Once you are finished with the submission, the manuscript will be put in the queue for conversion to its web version. You will be notified by email when the Web Proof is ready for review. Ensure that all emails regarding the submission are answered promptly to limit the delay in deposition to PMC

  • NIHMS FAQs are located here. NIHMS Submission Tutorials are located here.

Note: The NIH Manuscript Submission Reference Number (NIHMSID) is a temporary identifier to be used only until the PubMed Central Reference Number (PMCID) has been assigned. For this reason, the NIHMSID becomes invalid 3 months after the paper is published. See this NIH Notice for more information.

Help with NIHMS System

See the NIHMS System User's Guide for help with the NIHMS System.

Approving the Web Proof of a Paper Submitted to PubMed Central

  • Go to the NIHMS System submission page,
  • Choose login route NIH and eRA Commons
  • Type in user name and password and click Log In
  • Your submission(s) will be listed under the Attention tab
  • Click on PMC-ready manuscript
  • After reviewing the PMC-ready manuscript, click either Request Corrections or Approve
  • To request corrections, follow the guidelines listed on the Request for Corrections page. Once you have requested all the necessary corrections, click Send. You will be notified by email when the corrected Web Proof is ready for review.
  • If you are finished reviewing Web Proofs, click Log off in the upper right. If you need to review another Web Proof, click Go to Manuscript List and repeat the steps outlined above.