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Information for 1st Year WSBS Graduate Students: Home

Your source for information about the CSHL Library and Archive's Services


Welcome to the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Library and Archives!

We at the CSHL Laboratory and Archives are at your service, and eager to help make every aspect of your research and time at CSHL run more smoothly.  The Library is located in the Carnegie Building, one of the oldest buildings on campus.

Library Hours: 

Doors Unlocked: M - F, 9 am - 8 pm

ID card access: 24/7

Librarian/Research Assistance available: M - F, 9 am - 10 pm


Navigating the Library

The Carnegie Building comprises 2 above ground floors and a basement, as seen below.  Restrooms and reading rooms are available on every floor. (The following diagrams are oriented with North pointed down)

Basement Level

The Basement houses our Archives vault, the stacks housing much of our physical book collection, the Russian Tea Room kitchenette, a study room, and the Library's digitization and processing laboratory.

The Ground Floor is home to the Zinder reading room, the Szybalski conference room, the Brenner reading room/computer lab, our copy center, staff offices, and one study room.
Library's Second Floor The Second Floor contains two study rooms, the Rare Books Room, the Gladys Brooks Oral History Room, an exhibit hall, the Library's 3D Printer, and more staff offices.

Life Sciences and Science History Researcher and Wrtier

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Matt Dunn
CSHL - Library & Archives
Carnegie Library Bldg, Rm 112
One Bungtown Rd
Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724