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Undergraduate Research Program (URP): Quantitative Biology @ CSHL


Quantitative Biology Researchers at CSHL

Gurinder Atwal - Population genetics; bioinformatics; cancer; stochastic processes; statistical mechanics and information theory

Ivan Iossifov - Computational biology; molecular networks; human genetics; human disease; applied statistical and machine learning; biomedical text-mining; molecular evolution

Justin Kinney - Sequence-function relationships; biophysics; deep sequencing; machine learning; transcriptional regulation; DNA replication

Alexei Koulakov - Theoretical neurobiology; quantitative principles of cortical design; computer science; applied mathematics

Alexander Krasnitz - Genomics of cancer; machine learning for biology; inference from noisy biological data; large-scale numerical computing.

Dan Levy - Human genetics; mathematical modeling; algorithm development

Partha P. Mitra - Neuroinformatics; theoretical engineering; animal communications; neural prostheses; brain mapping; developmental linguistics

Michael Schatz  - Genomics; genome assembly & validation; sequence alignment; high performance and multicore computing; parallel algorithms; cloud computing

Michael Wigler - Human genetic disorders; population genetics; cancer genomics

Websites and Other Resources

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