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Managing Grant-Funded Publications: Overview - NSF Public Access Policy

Provides instructions for managing grant-funded publications. Includes: submitting to PubMed Central; managing publications in My Bibliography; using SciENcv; and how to associate a publication with a grant

NSF Public Access Policy

Peer-reviewed journal articles and juried conference papers, based wholly or partially on NSF support, must be deposited in the designated NSF repository. Either the final accepted version of the manuscript or the version of record may be submitted. NSF made the repository service available at the end of 2015 for voluntary compliance. In accordance with the applicable award terms and conditions, NSF "expects significant findings from research and education activities it supports to be promptly submitted for publication, with authorship that accurately reflects the contributions of those involved"

Public access to to results of NSF-funded Research


Managing NSF-Funded Publications

When a researcher authors a paper describing the results of research supported fully or partially by an NSF grant, there are steps that need to be taken to ensure that the paper is openly accessible to anyone who would like to read it or download it.

NSF requires that both manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals as well as papers from conferences and meeting to be deposited in the NSF-Public Access Repository (NSF-PAR)

To meet the NSF requirements these works must:

  • Be deposited in a public access compliant repository designated by NSF;
  • Be available for download, reading and analysis free of charge no later than 12 months after initial publication;
  • Possess a minimum set of machine-readable metadata elements in a metadata record to be made available free of charge upon initial publication;
  • Be managed to ensure long-term preservation; and
  • Be reported in annual and final reports during the period of the award with a persistent identifier that provides links to the full text of the publication as well as other metadata elements.

NSF Data Management Policy

The NSF mandates that funded researchers include data management plans when submitting applications for funding.

NSF funded projects are also expected to make make their data, produced as a result of the funding, freely available to other researchers.

Information about the policy can be found here