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Borrowing Library Materials: Using Our Self Checkout Stations

A Guide to Borrowing Library Materials and Using Our SelfCheck Stations


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Paula Abisognio
Carnegie Library, room 108

Using our QuickCheck Self Checkout Stations

New Users

The Library has two QuickCheck self checkout stations, one downstairs and one upstairs.  They can be used to borrow, renew, and return items using your CSHL ID card.  Most new users and those who have gotten new ID cards receive a "User Not Found" message when they slide their cards through the machine slots.  If you receive this message, please see me or Gail in room 108 (first room on the left from the Library's front entrance), or contact me with the following information: day and approximate time of your visit, which station you tried to use, and which books you've borrowed.  If neither Gail nor I is available, please see library staff in room 112 (office down the hall on the right),

If you'd rather not use the self checkout machines, I can help you with your checkouts.  And if you haven't borrowed books yet but may in the future, see or contact me so I can set you up in our system.


Using the Stations

There are screen instructions to guide you while using the self checkout stations.  The stations are touchscreen, relatively easy to use, and can generate a receipt if you choose.  Please see or contact me or other Library staff if you experience any problems with the machines.