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Creating Publication and Subject Alerts: Creating subject alerts in PubMed

Describes how to create author publication and subject alerts so that you can receive alerts by email when an author or subject is published.

Setting up Publication alerts in PubMed

Once you have created your account you can sign in to your myNCBI account

  • click on Sign In
    • If you have an eRA Commons account you can use that too













When you are signed into your myNCBI account at the home page you will see a number of boxes that contain information of interest. To set alerst you can click on theSearch NCBI Databases box, PubMed should be showing in the search field. If not select PubMed from the dropdown menu window and click the Search button to go to PubMed.








Search for the keywords, Authors or titles you are interested in setting up an alert for from the search box













If search returns useful information and you want to create an alert click Save Search

This will allow you to create a name for your saved search













Select which email address you want the alert to be sent to (the default is the email address associated with the myNCBI account but you can change the address here).

Select the frequency you wish to recieve the alert email

Select the number of items you wish to receive in each email

Click Save
























You will be directed back to your myNCBI main page. In the Saved Searches box you will see your new saved search/alert.

If you click on the cog you can access the settings for each saved search/alert so you can alter them as required.

















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