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Creating Publication and Subject Alerts: Creating Subject Alerts

Describes how to create author publication and subject alerts so that you can receive alerts by email when an author or subject is published.

Creating Subject Alerts

Click on Alerts  in the search page.










The Alerts page will list all of your search alerts once you have them set up. You can return to this page to confirm your search alerts are in the system.  Click on the Set New Search Alerts button in the upper right hand corner to set up a new alert.










In the Create New Search Alerts page notice the directions for creating a new search alert at the top of the page.














Enter your subject terms in the box and click Search.

The search returns the results.







If the results are appropriate, click on Set alert.

In the Save a Search Alert window fill out the required information.

  • Name the alert,
  •  add the email address where the alert is to be sent,
  • define alert frequency
  • choose Text for format. When finished click on Save.



















You will receive an alert based on the frequency you select

Subject Guide

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