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Virtual Library for CSHL Employees: COVID19 Information

The CSHL Library and Archives is fully operational despite working remotely during COVID19


The global public health situation is changing on an hourly basis, and the CSHL Library is here to help you stay informed.  In the first 11 days of March alone, over 560 reports were indexed by PubMed for the keyword "covid19."  By April 7th, there were 2,528.  In this fast-paced situation, having ready information handy at your fingertips is essential.  The links below are provided for your information. 

If you have informative links or infographics that you feel would be helpful and informative, please feel free to share them with Matt Dunn at so that he can add them to the list below.

Bruce Stillman shared a brochure of information from Northwell Health in a labwide email about ways to stay safe and minimize exposure during this pandemic, which can be downloaded below.  Though several weeks old, the information in it is still useful, relevant, and important.

Links about COVID19

(last updated, Thursday April 30th, 2020)

CSHL Internal FAQ and Information

SARS-CoV2 Virus Information

COVID19's Impact on Academic Science

Information from Publishers About Their Review, Publication, and Open Access Policies During the Pandemic

Social Distancing and Flattening the Curve

Staying Informed

Health Information

Legal Information

Finally, above all else, it is important to keep a clear head.  Hand sanitizers that contain >60% alcohol are effective at disrupting the viral envelope, but nothing is better than vigorous hand washing.  The video below starkly demonstrates with easy visuals how important it is to be thorough when you wash your hands in order to be effective.

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